Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Carpet on stairs damaged by water flooding


Emergency Carpet Cleaning Serving Nampa – Emergency Water Extraction Service


If you have standing water in your Nampa home, it’s a good idea to give Fast Response Disaster Cleanup a call today. Our emergency carpet cleaning crews can come out to your Treasure Valley home in an hour or less and start the emergency water extraction process. When you have standing water in your home or basement, it is important to act fast, as the longer that water sits, the more damage it has the potential of causing. This damage can range from mold to issues with your structural integrity. This rapid response needed is what Fast Response Disaster Cleanup of Nampa is known for, and why we strive to decrease our response time with each and every service call we answer.


When you have water on the floor…

You might be tempted to just call a regular carpet cleaning company, but that is never recommended. Hiring Fast Response Disaster Cleanup will ensure that not only will we get the water extracted from your Nampa home, but that we will also prevent any further damage from occurring, something that a typical carpet cleaning company cannot provide.


Cleaning dirt filled carpet after flood damaged house